11 Domains for sale:


admini.de, admini.fr, admini.it, admini.es, admini.nl,
admini.at, admini.be, admini.ch, admini.co.il, admini.co.nz


The Admini.??? domains have been used for many years for an online bookkeeping solution which has been discontinued for various reasons. The name stood with some creativity for 'ADministration MINI', but could be used for many things. The name is catchy, short and good to pronounce in many languages.

We only sell the whole set of domain names, not individually. We suggest to do the actual transfer of the domains through Escrom.com, so you will be assured that you will get the names after the payment has been made.

Make us an offer we can't refuse and all domain names are yours.

Mark Aswyn Wiersma

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